Conducted scientific research on bottom fishing environmental impact assessment in the Southwest Atlantic

Date : 2021-12-24

In accordance with Recommendations for the UN General Assembly (On the workshop
to a discuss the implementation of para. 80 and 83 to 87 of resolution 61/105 and
para. 117 and 119 to 127 of resolution 64/7 on sustainable fisheries), it advised an accounting
by high sea bottom fishing states to the global community of how well they have lived up to
their agreed obligations to protect and conserve vulnerable deep-sea marine habitats and

High Sea Bottom Fishing States included Australia, China, France, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand,
Portugal, Spain, the Russian Federation, and South Korea.

Therefore, the Kingstar operated by TNS Industries Inc. conducted scientific research in
the High Sea 41(Southwest Atlantic Ocean) on April in 2015 to provide the information on the
relationship between bottom fishing gears and sea-floor.