Daring to challenge the wild frontier of the five oceans of the world—a major repository of food for the entire world, TNS Industries Inc. was founded in August 2002 and since has laid a strong foundation for its growth, operating in the Indian, Atlantic, and Southern Oceans.

Thanks to the company’s thorough law-abiding spirit as well as the experiences obtained as the first ever domestic company to participate in a scientific research activity in the Southern Ocean to facilitate sustainable fishing, TNS Industries Inc. among a number of fisheries companies operating in the Southern Ocean, was able to introduce, as a sole company, the largest number of vessels in the Southern Ocean who conduct fisheries operation as well as scientific research activities.

Bearing in mind the management philosophy of ‘Transparency and Sustainability, it starts together with you', the executives and employees of TNS Industries Inc. are committed to providing customers with transparent products. The company’s vessels will operate in a sustainable manner which would allow rational use of the fisheries resources which must be passed on to our future generation.

A message from all executives and employees