TNS Industries Inc. aims to actively participate in combating IUU fishing and to continue to lead in driving sustainable fisheries management in the five oceans of the world.

TNS Industries Inc. established in 2002 under the objective of promoting the distant water fisheries business, initiated its operation in the Indian and southeast Atlantic Oceans, participating in the exploratory fisheries. It has demonstrated a solid business performance, domestically taking part in the largest number of scientific research programs operated in the southwest Atlantic Ocean and the Southern Ocean.

In 2014, TNS Industries Inc. became the first and ever distant water fisheries company in Korea to acquire approval of the Coalition of Legal Toothfish Operator (COLTO: membership and ever since has been participating in the Members’ efforts to fight against IUU fishing and sharing information on sustainable fishing.

Furthermore, the company has adopted an on board freezing process to its products, introduced a freezing warehouse, and is using transparent and clean distribution system to provide fresh fisheries products to customers in all corners of the globe. TNS Industries Inc. is a company with a relatively short history, yet has been taking the lead in establishing sustainable fisheries in the Southern Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It further aims to actively participate in combating IUU fishing and to continue to lead in driving sustainable fisheries management in the Pacific, Indian, and other oceans of the world.

Fishing Technique

Bottom longliners catch demersal fish species, using baited hooks attached to a pair of mainline weighted down to the seafloor. But since the hooks and weights contact the seafloor, a bottom impact assessment is required in order to evaluate the level of potential gear impact on Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VMEs). The company has been conducting bottom impact assessments for all of its operating bottom longline vessels as required. Bottom longline fishing—the method studied to have negligible impact on the marine ecosystems—is a preferred fishing method used in the clean waters of the Southern Ocean, under the monitoring, control, and surveillance of the Convention of the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). The target species of bottom longline fisheries are toothfish species and bycatch species are skates and rays. Most of the toothfish catch are exported, while a small portion is distributed domestically.

Vessel Information

TNS Industries Inc. operates four bottom longline vessels, namely, Greenstar, Sunstar, Kingstar, and Blue Ocean provides open information on these vessels in order to ensure transparency in running the overseas fisheries business.