Additional Scientific Research

Date : 2021-12-29

The Greenstar, operated by TNS Industries Inc., conducted Scientific research
in the Subarea 88.3 of the CCAMLR Convention area. She performed it for 5 years
starting from 2015/16 to 2019/20.

This research plan was first submitted to the Commission for the CCAMLR
in 2011, consequently endorsed by all members in 2015.

During Year 1-2, the Greenstar conducted its activities alone, but New Zealand
and Ukraine joined in Year 3-5 as a multi-national research.

We had a great collaboration with NZ and UKR to collect and to analyse the
data either at the sea and shore for 5 years.

Including the research activities conducted by the Kingstar in the
58.4.1 & 58.4.2 (approved by all CCAMLR members in 2014),
TNS Industries Inc. sent two vessels to two areas in the Antarctic Ocean.

These were the first and second research activities that Korea tried to
contribute on scientific data to the CCAMLR.

TNS Industries Inc. supported these activities with two vessels, Kingstar and Greenstar.