electronic tracking beacon

Date : 2021-12-31

Three Wildlife Computers miniPATs were tagged on three Antarctic toothfish
individuals on 10th Feb 2015 , and were released by the Korean Scientific Observers
on the FV Kingstar. The weight of the tag was only 60 grams, but it can operate
up to 2 years. Tags were programmed to record all variables including depth (pressure),
temperature and light level every 15 sec for their detailed behavior study.

One full year later (Feb 10, 2016), the same observer recovered it on the fish just 4.26 km
away from the released position (Figure 3). At the time of recaptured, the fish grew 1cm
and the condition was not good. The fish was abnormally underweight. The tag was
delivered to National Institute of Fisheries Science in Korea after the scientific research
cruise. Physically recovering the tag allowed access to full data time series on the tag
rather than the summarized data transmitted via satellite. The tag recorded more than
2,000,000 sets of data spanning 366 days.

TNS Industries Inc. supported this activities in the Division 58.4.1 in 2015 and 2016.